Production Services

Never Give Up on Your Stupid, Stupid Dreams


Production Services

Never Give Up on Your Stupid, Stupid Dreams

we like gear, but Above all We like good people & great music.

We've had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented human beings on the face of planet earth (at least that's where we think they're from).  Over the years we've learned that having amazing gear is just the first step in building a metaphoric musical pyramid in the sky.  Sounds kinda trippy.  Albums are like pyramids in that they take a long time to build and then become mystical tourist attractions.  Reverberating within their cavernous confines, your genius ideas resonate for eternity like sound pellets, bouncing off the corners of the universe. It's our job to capture these sound pellets, crack them open, and rub their creamy contents all over our hard drive like lotion. Now that's how great music is recorded. 

disclaimer:  some of these statements may not be accurate


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Picture of our old location

Book Time!

Picture of our old location

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Please note:  you will receive a confirmation after we review your booking request.  Voice Over Recording for video/commercial use is subject to a higher rate. No-show's and cancellations less than 48 hours from scheduled start times are subject to cancellation fees.  Let's be pro's, eh?


Prefer to start the conversation with your mouth?  Call Lance at (612) 968-9484 between 10am and 6pm. 


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The Team!



The Team!



Taking your recordings to the next level requires working with the right HUMANS!

not robots. not machines.  not animals pretending to be humans. 

Yes, we operate our own boutique recording and production studio, but what we bring to the table doesn't require the use of a specific space.  Don't be fooled by lavish facilities, you can accomplish better results with a small dedicated team in an arrangement that allows you to take your time & let your creativity be the focus.  We let our recordings speak for themselves.  With millions of online plays & airplay around the world, we feel assured that our approach makes all the difference, and the difference is in the approach, because we approach things differently, and that approach is what's different... so... that's a good thing!

Head Producer/Owner Lance W Conrad

Lance W Conrad

Lance W Conrad has credits with artists spanning the world; from Bangladesh to Berlin, London to Rio, New York to Los Angeles.  Upon completing a degree in music production, he worked as live sound FOH engineer and freelance recording engineer for 4 years before founding Humans Win Recording Studio in 2006.  Lissie, DeVotchka, The Fray, Modest Mouse, Owl City, Dessa, Lizzo, Belle & Sebastian, The Jayhawks, HALEY, Aby Wolf, Irvin Mayfield, Ike Reilly, Ravichandra Kulur and over 200 more graced Lance’s studio in Northeast Minneapolis.  His productions have accumulated millions of plays on multiple radio and online streaming services. 

As producer and custom music composer, he has placements with ABC, CBS, HBO, MTV, VH1, E!, Nickelodeon, TLC and companies like Target, Nike, Miller Brewing, Volcom, Samsonite, Arby’s, Michelob, Invisalign and Jaguar.  As an avid collaborator, he has co-written work with both independent and major label writers including Dan Richards and Liam Payne (One Direction), Jerry ‘Wonda’ Duplessis (Fugees, Melissa Etheridge, Platinum Sound Studios), and Ashley DuBose (NBC’s The Voice). 

He has deejayed over 450 events and has contributed to the success of 2 of the most awarded agencies in Minnesota.  In spring of 2016, shortly before Prince's tragic passing, he was honored with an offer to be house engineer at Paisley Park.  Come 2018, he picked up and moved into a room at Black Label Music in downtown Minneapolis.

Lance is a passionate artist, zealous producer, upholding his work the utmost responsibility and care.




Manager/ Producer Taylor Lewin

Taylor Lewin

Taylor Lewin is an Emmy Award winning composer, audio engineer, and music producer out of Minneapolis. His work can be heard on local, national, and online tv networks and has been shared by publications from NME and Buzzfeed to Time Magazine and Slate.com. Taylor's business marketing know-how works to guide his song creation process in influencing and supporting client brand experience. As an in-studio audio engineer and music producer at Humans Win! Recording Studio, he has worked with a variety of artists both locally and nationally, while leveraging his marketing experience to help clients rack up millions of plays worldwide. Taylor also has a distinct passion for sound design and post-production audio for video. He has enjoyed working with independent filmmakers and international brands alike to prepare their audio for commercial release. To get himself out of the studio, Taylor will often do live-event sound anywhere from dive bars to mega-churches and the occasional TEDx conference. Taylor also enjoys doing location-audio for film and has been on-set with companies ranging from Viacom to 3M.











       Never let the first question be, "What are your rates?"  Instead, ask yourself "what amount of an investment will do my project justice?"  We can help you answer that question and formulate a cost effective plan for achieving the highest quality finished product that you, your band, or your company can afford.  At most other studios, you get what you pay for.  And while this holds true at Humans Win!, you can expect a little extra sumpin' sumpin' to boot.  


Hourly rates include engineer and facility rental.  One hour minimum.

Music and Vocal Recording, Mixing, Editing - $75/hr  

Commercial Voice Over Recording - $180/hr

Remixes - $350-1000 + writer's share (negotiable)


Mixing is our forte´.  Because there are so many variables, we tend to negotiate a per track flat fee for most projects.  These range anywhere from $250 to $500+ per song.  Of course, mixing by the hour is always an option as well.  For projects that involve production and mixing, producer's points and/or writer's shares may be part of the negotiation. 


Here's your chance to settle in, take over the studio, leave all of your gear set from day to day, and create some kind of masterpiece.  Our staff will work up to 10 hours for a fixed rate.  Overtime will be billed at the engineer's hourly rate.  

Have your own engineer?  So long as they meet our qualifications, we'll find an arrangement that works for you. Contact us for more info! 

*Full advance payment is required to secure dates.  Lockout hours must be used consecutively within a 24 hour period, no exceptions.  We strictly enforce a 48 hour refund policy for lockouts and will retain 50% of the advanced payment if cancellations, rescheduling requests or no-shows occur less than 48 hours before your scheduled arrival time. Contact us with any questions.

*Project Based*

Here's where things get interesting.  We will work within your budget and time frame to accomplish the highest level of quality that you envision for your recording.  We will meet to discuss the details of your recording process and then establish a flat rate per song.  This is a great option for those that prefer not to worry about the clock and has become the most popular arrangement at Humans Win! 

Benefits of project based pricing:

Forget about the clock and just create!

Be like Brian Eno and use the studio as an instrument

Experiment, explore new sounds, record multiple versions of songs

Work with producers that are just as invested in your project as you are

Record at your own pace and call it when you're in need of space from your work

 Let production be the focus.  The goal is to bring your ideas to life, regardless of how long it may take.



The following model helps us determine a fair project based rate.

Good-Cheap-Fast, You Pick Two

Looking for insight as to how long your project might take to complete?  Read Me


We are able to record a high definition live performance of you in our studio, which will be a great option for any artist who wants to share their song on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or to simply just email your mom.

Recording and editing video starts at $300/song